“The Relationship between a brand, its customers, leads and prospects, is its most valuable asset.”

Relationship1 offers vendor and agency services in addition to marketing directly in behalf of brands. As a vendor Relationship1 provides cost-competitive, highly efficient Direct Mail; Catalog; Lettershop; Fulfillment; Printing; Continuity and Subscription Programming; and Mobile App Development. Upon request David will be happy to discuss Client Case Studies managed during his career including KPIs and other metrics such as Delivery Rates, Lead Gen Rates, Conversion Rates (customers, leads and prospects), CPA, CPO, LTV, %Lift In New Customer Acquisition, %Lift In Customer Retention, % Lift In Orders/Sale, Lift In Gross Sales, Gross Impressions & Engagement, and CPE.

Why Relationship1? Although we are a statistically-oriented, database-driven agency, we know that data alone cannot solve the marketing challenge of engagement, acquisition and upgrade. Data can help outline a road map to the consumer, but it’s targeting those emotional and cognitive hot buttons with precise messaging at the right time that leads to success. Every day we manage data, but we practice marketing. For 32 years we’ve successfully developed and managed direct response with engaging offers, powerful lead generation, and statistically segmented strategies while complimenting our client’s brand image and furthering its competitive position. We’re cognizant that brand relationships may define the boundaries of our campaigns, but should not limit their engagement.

Why Relationship1? We are marketers who understand accounting. We live or die by “Customer Acquisition Cost,” “Media Spend and ROI,” and “Direct Profit Contribution.” We translate marketing campaigns into measurable financial projections that endear us to your Chief Financial Officer. We quantify how to get the biggest bang for the marketing buck. We are committed to providing competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or results. Over 32 years and thousands of jobs, Relationship1 has never exceeded a single quote, purchase order, or budget.

Why Relationship1? Whether it’s upgrading your average customer purchase, or cost effectively acquiring new customers, Relationship1’s 295MM USA Consumer Database with opt-in, fully deliverable email addresses and postal addresses, helps provide a highly efficient solution. Updated and cleansed monthly, the consumer database contains the following individual-level information- transactional data; realty and property ownership; financial, net worth and credit data; demographics; ethnographics; psychographics and lifestyle; and social media propensities. For B2B campaigns, there’s Relationship1’s 50K USA Corporate Database.

Why Relationship1? Goodbye Mad Men, Hello Millennials. Your customers, leads and prospects are everywhere today, responding to a multitude of fragmented media in a dizzying combination of cross channels, including mobile devices, often while in transit. We know how to identify and engage them no matter their profile, behavior, or location.

Why Relationship1? We understand the burden of our fiduciary responsibility. In 31 years we’ve never been hacked or had our client’s data compromised. Data confidentiality is the bedrock of our business and we fully subscribe to the “DMA’s Customer Privacy Promise,” “PCI Compliance Standards,” “USA CAM-SPAM Act” and “European GDPR Compliance.” We structure our organization and operate our business according to the best cyber security practices. In 31 years our systems have never gone down. We’ve been up and running 24/7, hosting and running programs across multiple international time zones, with real time backup in our state of the art, disaster recovery, digital facility.

Why Relationship1? Relationship1 provides open architecture and organic programming- not turnkey systems, to provide the most efficient and complete database of your customers, leads and prospects. We are a recognized data integrator that can make any platform or system communicate with one another- sales interface with accounting, in-turn interface with marketing. Our programming is universal, transparent, efficient, and can evolve over time as your needs evolve.

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