“The Relationship between a brand, its customers, leads and prospects, is its most valuable asset.”

Relationship1 offers vendor and agency services in addition to marketing directly in behalf of brands. As a vendor Relationship1 provides cost-competitive, highly efficient Direct Mail; Catalog; Lettershop; Fulfillment; Printing; Continuity and Subscription Programming; and Mobile App Development. Upon request David will be happy to discuss Client Case Studies managed during his career including KPIs and other metrics such as Delivery Rates, Lead Gen Rates, Conversion Rates (customers, leads and prospects), CPA, CPO, LTV, %Lift In New Customer Acquisition, %Lift In Customer Retention, % Lift In Orders/Sale, Lift In Gross Sales, Gross Impressions & Engagement, and CPE.

New York, NY 10017, United States
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Please send us an email to discuss your marketing needs, or call David at (914) 266-0575
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