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Relational Databases

Customized To Your Specific Business

The heart of any long-term successful direct marketing program is the development of a relational marketing database. A relational marketing database is a specialized application with unique objectives and requirements that necessitates the input and management of direct marketing professionals. Relationship1 is experienced in the specification, design, maintenance, query, and analysis of marketing databases. Relationship1ís work ranges from the design and implementation of simple, off-line databases of less than 100,000 records that generate standard hardcopy reports, to sophisticated on-line databases of over 20-million records with ad hoc query.

Database Interface, Analytic Support & Maintenance

Provides Ease Of Support With Powerful Analysis

Relationship1 has the ability to communicate and interface with any computer platform a client may use so as to easily and cost-effectively maintain and update their marketing database. Whether itís RFM Segmentation, Geodemographic Cluster Analysis or a more complex Multivariate Logistic Regression, Relationship1 performs database analysis that meets the specific needs of its clients. In addition, Relationship1 employs all of the latest safeguard techniques to insure database protection and maintain the integrity of all data. Relationship1 backs up all files for clients daily and employs all of the latest safeguards including a fully alarmed building with fire proof storage, off-site storage, state-of-the-art virus protection, password protection and complete insurance coverage. In addition, Relationship1 uses a variety of checks and controls to maintain the integrity of data on its databases and in all data communications.